Tommaso de Benedictis for SSAW Magazine (Spring/Summer 2014), ph. Yann Faucher

(Source: pozoleydietcoke)

(Source: pozoleydietcoke)

"“It is always the same character that travels through our collections, and each one is an evolution from the last and of that character – they are sliced and diced and served up again but always slightly broken, you see a different fragment of them each time. There is never a literal reference for the collection. And there is a celebration of a certain boredom and beauty.” - J.W Anderson


black women come in literally every shape, color, and size

and so when a person says they aren’t attracted to black women

it’s not actually about being physically attracted to black women

it’s about an aversion to blackness

and just knowing a person is black is seen as repulsive

regardless of physical attractiveness


gisele bündchen at jil sander spring/summer 1999

Looking forward to tomorrow’s sausage sandwich